Extravirgin Olive Oil - Dressings
Black Olives Paste ( PATE' )
Packing: 180 gr Jars About: With and intense and rich taste of black olives and enriched by the extravirgin olive oil. It is recommended on starters or appetizers.his black olives pasta is aromatized with rosemary, thyme and laurer.
Try it on " Bruschetta", crackers, piadina,pizza or toasted bred.
Pesto genovese
Packing: 180 gr jars About: One of the most famous condiments, well known in Italy and in the world. It is a fresh sauce, made of 7 fresh and selected natural ingredients.
Basil first of all brillant green in colour and with exquisite taste.
Taggiasche Olives
Packing: 180 gr jars
5 kg pailsg About: The taggiasca olives are picked at the right level of maturing then they are pickled with salt, water, laurel.
To be tested on sauces, pizza, mix salads and on cooked rabbit as Ligurian dish.
Pitted Black Olives ( TAGGIASCA )
Packing: 180 gr Jar About: Taggiasca Olives without stones and with rosemary, laurel, thyme as aroma.
Try them as starters and on fish dishes and meats as well.
Aromatized Dressings: Hot pepper, truffle, rosemary
Packing: 250 ml bottle About: Fine and exquisite dressigs with extra virgin olive oil, available with hot pepper, truffle and rosemary aroma.
To be tasted on pasta and rice then on bruschetta and pizza.
Dressing with rosemary is particulary adapt on roast meat and potatoes.