Extravirgin Olive Oil - Dressings
Extravirgin Olive Oil - D.O.P.
Liguria Riviera di Levante
Packing: 500 -750 ml bottles About: Extravirgin olive dop oil, burana is obtained only through mechanical or physical processes, by using "Razzola", lavagnina, pignola, hand picked olives.
It is produced in Liguria, "Levante" and showes a very low acidity.
With a sweet, fruity taste, very slightly pungent after-taste
Extravirgin Olive Oil "SUPERIORE"
Packing: 500 - 750 ml bottles
5 litres metal tins About: First Quality extravirgin oil,obtained by using mechanical or physical process only and cold pressed.
With a typical yellow colour with green hues, slightly bitter after taste.
Recommended on fish dishes, vegetables and mix salades, for the mediterranean cuisine
Extravirgin Olive Oil "MEDITERRANEO"
Packing: 750 ml - 1000 ml
5 litres metal tins About: Extravirgin olive oil coming from first and cold pressing. It has low acidity and showes a yellow to colour with green hues.
Rich in various aromas. It's flavour is slightly bitterish with a herbace ous taste and fresh olives off course.